Celebs who have graced Pashmina Shawls: Drape or Wrap: Must-Have Winter Shawls

There is no hiding the multitude of Bollywood celebrities and socialites who have worn a Shawl for a Page 3 cocktail, Iftaar party or just as a fashion fling. They’ve all worn this testimony of craftsmanship and splendour. No wonder, they look nothing short of a graceful goddess when wrapped in the exquisite looking shawls.

Tips To Look After Your Luxury Shawls

Talking of luxury apparels, shawls such as hand-spun pure Pashmina need exquisite care in order to preserve their soft and warm fabric. But, looking after them is a tall task. While professional dry cleaners are there to keep your expensive shawls in shape, here are some of the tips that will help you look after them right in the comfort of your home.

  • 1. Dunk it in soapy tub and end up risking the softness of this luxurious wool. Washing your Pashmina with shampoo and lukewarm water first and then conditioner can keep it soft and lush for years on.
  • 2. Never bleach, squeeze, wring or twist your Pashmina shawl as that will distort its suppleness.
  • 3. Give your Pashmina shawl the benefit of air-drying and see to it that it doesn’t get exposed to direct heat, sunlight or dampness. While pressing your Pashmina, use a cool iron over a damp cloth and run from inside the garment. Also carefully fold it and pack it in a dry tissue or well-sealed plastic storage box for storage.
  • 4. Make a point to clean food stains before storing your Pashmina. Use naphthalene mothballs and cedar chips for protection from moths.
  • 5. Do not over wear your Pashmina. Give it two or three days rest before wearing it again.

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